Asfar CIC




Asfar CIC is a dynamic NGO, launched in 2012, established to provide opportunities for Young People and communities in the UK, the Caucasus, the Middle East and the Balkans, through Sport for Peace; Volunteering; Educational and Skills development programmes; Cultural learning; and Transnational learning.


Asfar also focuses on Women Economic Empowerment programmes; Gender Equality; and supports women in the Middle East & North Africa to gain access to business and social enterprise sectors.


Since 2013, Asfar has mobilised to support more young people and communities, especially those seeking employment and those who would benefit from cultural, enterprise, employability and reconciliation skills engagement.


Asfar incorporates intercultural learning throughout our delivery: Reconciliation for Development, Youth Volunteering & Dialogue, Education, Enterprise & Employability Skills, Women Economic Empowerment and Creative Digital Learning.


Our direct intercultural learning is focused primarily on 3 key delivery areas: Youth Exchanges & wider mobilities, Dialogue Projects and International Volunteering & Internships. This is implemented through bringing young people together, from different cultural backgrounds and countries to learn about different countries and share their own cultures with their peers, Cultural Nights, Inter-group engagement – through formal and non-formal activities, language learning – through formal and non-formal activities.


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