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Nagy Géza Attila

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The Youth Association from Transylvania was founded at the end of 2011. According to our Statute, we aim to develop, promote and represent the general interests of the communities in Transylvania by organising social, cultural, educational, recreational and professional training activities.Our goal is to encourage youth involvement in the conservation of traditional, folk, cultural and ethnic values in Transylvania, and to promote these values both in Romania and abroad. Additionally, we work to improve youth access to opportunities offered on a national, European and international level. To achieve these goals, we have established our 1st branch, the Youth Association from Transylvania Brașov Branch, in January 2018. Our motto is “To show Europe to Transylvania and Transylvania to Europe!” []



In our immediate community, the population of the city is 10,000 and as it is a semi-urban area, there are a lot of rural elements. It is also surrounded by many villages. 96 % of the community belongs to the Hungarian minority. Our target groups are the children and the youth for whom we organize local and regional events and whom we send out to international mobility projects. We collaborate with 3 high schools, 1 vocational school, 9 primary and schools (in the city and villages) 7 NGO’s which operate in different fields, a family type orphanage, a center for the disabled youth, etc. On average, we organize 1-2 events/month on local (city and neighboring villages) level.


We also operate on regional level, by implementing exchanges in other regions and by selecting youth to go to outgoing mobility projects from Transylvania.


Furthermore, we collaborate and form partnerships with other groups, associations and foundations in Transylvania, Romania, in the European Union and worldwide. Since 2011, we sent out more than 400 youths from Romania to Youth Exchanges, more than 110 youth workers to Training and Networking projects, and more than 55 youths to European Voluntary Service projects.