Global Link




Alison Lloyd Williams

Global Link is a Development Education Centre, established in Lancaster UK in 1991. We are part of a wider network of the Consortium of Development Education Centres, and a member of the umbrella body for global learning, Think Global.


Global Link’s mission statement is ‘creative learning and action for a more just and sustainable world.’


We currently deliver projects in three main areas: global learning, community heritage, and refugee and asylum-seeker support.


In our global learning work, we deliver workshops with young people, and training with adults, principally teachers, on issues and methodologies relating to the eight key concepts of the global dimension (diversity, conflict resolution, global citizenship, interdependence, human rights, social justice, sustainable development and values and perceptions). Issues covered include fair trade, human rights and migration, climate change and sustainable development; methodologies include forum theatre, Persona Dolls, digital storytelling, and Philosophy for Children.


Our heritage work is principally focussed around working with communities to research and document ‘hidden histories’ of dissent and activism in our region of north west England and beyond. These histories are documented on our online


Our refugee support work includes providing casework support to refugees who have arrived through Home Office resettlement programmes, as well as community cohesion and integration support to asylum-seekers and refugees.