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digital storytelling

The Youth in Progress and Partnership for Equality and Exchange (YIPPEE) project aims to explore opportunities for access to personalized training services for youth, reducing the level of inequality existing between young people. Funded under the Erasmus + Capacity Building Program, it uses the Digital Storytelling method to develop greater self awareness and abilities, promote active participation in social and cultural life, and increase employability among youths with disadvantaged backgrounds.

Through this project, we strive to advance sustainability and global understanding by facilitating personal and group interactions among youths of diverse national backgrounds. Central to this theme is promoting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and opening the discussion for sharing and conducting local actions. The project is undertaken by a partnership of five NGOs from Hungary, UK, Italy, Romania and Benin.  The Digital Storytelling method is introduced as a vessel to promote intercultural communication and understanding.






We encourage discussion on topics including, but not limited to, the digital storytelling method, the Sustainable Development Goals, and global education. We believe that holding constructive discussion can be a valuable approach for further learning and development. We invite you all to share your opinions, comments, and concerns through this website and social media. If you are searching for answers or input from those more educated on the topic, this website may serve as a better forum.

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