Interfaith Encounter Association




The Interfaith Encounter Association promotes real coexistence and human peace in the Holy Land through cross-cultural study and interreligious dialogue. We support dozens of interfaith groups building strong inter-communal relations and reaching audiences underrepresented in coexistence initiatives. Our approach differs from most peacebuilding approaches in its strong emphasis on the grassroots inter-communal relations and in its true inclusiveness. The apolitical, all-inclusive approach succeeds in attracting key constituencies which are often underrepresented in coexistence initiatives, such as religious leaders, women and youth.  This platform supports the successful transformation of mutual attitudes by taking the conversation to a deeper level with strong existential value for its participants and by working with religions as a bridge, rather than leaving it to be misused to grow alienation. In the past nearly 20 years we have been steadily growing, developing unparalleled outreach to various parts of the Israeli and Palestinian societies. To this date, we have overseen 109 groups and more than 3,700 encounters- including 36 groups that bring together on a regular basis Israelis and West Bank Palestinians.